Launch NY Client Thimble Surpasses Crowdfunding Goal

Launch NY client Thimble is taking the internet by storm! The company has already been featured on big tech websites such as Engadget, TechSpot, T3, Geeky Gadgets, and SlashGear. Thimble is a direct-to-your-door monthly delivery subscription box that contains a project with electronic components to teach kids and adults how to build a fun and useful device. Thimble launched their Kickstarter campaign back in December and have already raised over $200,000 exceeding their original goal of $25,000.

Thimble Partners David and Oscar

Thimble Partners David and Oscar

Oscar Pedroso, Cofounder and CEO, and David Brenner, CTO, settled on an attainable goal of $25,000 when they were setting up their Kickstarter campaign. They had been attending maker faires before the start of the campaign to help build awareness for their service as well as a contact list to use once the campaign started. They had an idea that they might eclipse their goal but not to the extent that they first imagined. “I expected us to definitely beat our $50,000 goal, and I kind of thought we’d get to 100. 200 is definitely a surprise, that’s very cool,” said David.

Al Culliton has been working with Oscar and David as part of Launch NY’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence program. They started working together back in October before Thimble launched their crowdfunding campaign. Al coached them on the business model canvas and helped them work through the logistics of running a business. Oscar said Al taught them to look at the big picture and helped them construct the basis of their business plan.

Oscar and David are focusing on PR and outreach until the end of their campaign but are also looking towards the future. They are in the process of setting up an online store so people will be able to order a subscription after the crowdfunding campaign has ended. Oscar said they are already developing new kits for the people who have signed up for longer subscriptions. You can check out Thimble’s kickstarter here or find more information about them on their website.