Total Health Pharmacists – Health & Wellness Solutions


Dec 18th, 2015

Total Health Pharmacists – Health & Wellness Solutions

Total Health Pharmacists provides businesses with a complete health and wellness program managed by pharmacists. Their goal is to improve the health of their client’s employees, which in turn boosts productivity, decreases absenteeism and reduces healthcare costs for both the employee and the employer.

The Total Health Pharmacists wellness solutions have been designed by pharmacists to ensure the most up to date clinical guidelines and counseling practices are utilized. They offer services including biometric screenings, medication check-ups, health coaching and nutrition consulting. Employees also have access to a state of the art on-line portal to track progress, communicate with professionals, and monitor achievements. All of these services are provided by health professionals with advanced degrees.

Total Health PharmacistsMedication check-ups are unique to Total Health Pharmacists, they ensure that employees are taking their medications correctly, have no interactions, dosing is correct and are optimized for each employee. This has been proven to reduce costly hospital admissions and adverse drug reactions. Currently Total Health Pharmacists is working with businesses in Central New York, boosting the health of employees for local businesses. 


Who is Total Health Pharmacists

Nick Bouchard, PharmD, Co-Founder and Director of Operations

Team Nick Bouchard is a co-founder of Total Health Pharmacists. Nick has worked in the pharmacy industry for over 8 years in various roles ranging from the retail industry to a clinical pharmacist at a large hospital, to an electronic medical record system designer for a hospital health system. His experience in the pharmacy industry and the health information technology industry have helped develop the clinical guidelines for Total Health Pharmacists as well as their robust online
platform. He works closely with his co-founder and cousin Ryan Bouchard in further developing their services.

Ryan Bouchard, PharmD, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development

Team Ryan Bouchard is a co-founder of Total Health Pharmacists. Ryan has over 8 years of experience as well in the pharmacy industry. He’s had roles as pharmacy manager and director of clinical services for a major retail chain, with a territory spanning across NYS. He’s also worked as a manager for a long term care company. His experience in developing relationships and clinical program management have been invaluable to Total Health Pharmacists.



How Has Launch NY Assisted?

Launch NY has assisted Total Health Pharmacists by introducing the Business Model Canvas as their guide to building their business. In addition, Launch NY has provided connections to Central New York resources and assisted in market and prospect identification, as well potential funding mechanisms.

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