Mad Hops


Dec 4th, 2015

MadHops – Makes Ordinary Beer Taste Like Craft Beer

MadHops Flavored Brew Drops–the next big thing in the beer industry, makes your ordinary beer taste like a craft beer for a fraction of the cost. The craft beer industry is exploding. Beer drinkers are demanding more variety and complexity in their brews. Craft Beer already represents 20% of the $100 billion beer industry in the US and is growing. Craft beer is expensive, so what if you want the craft beer experience but not the craft beer price tag?

Meet MadHops Flavored Brew Drops. They enhance the beer drinking experience, especially for beer drinkers on a budget and younger drinkers who attend parties and other functions where beer is the only option.

Two drops of MadHops turns an everyday beer into one of 6 different craft beer flavors. Imagine instead of drinking a PBR or another discount beer enjoying a crisp Apple Amber, Wild Blueberry or Mexican Lime. MadHops also offers an American Pale Ale, Cherry Wheat and an Irish Porter. Each MadHops flavor changes not just the flavor, but the appearance and the aroma as well delivering a complete craft beer experience. Two years in development, all 6 MadHops flavors will amaze even the most skeptical beer enthusiast. Working with beverage professionals, MadHops is preparing to launch their product through e-commerce and social media as well as a rollout in select grocery and
convenience store partnerships across North America. They also have many more flavors ready to go for round two. MadHops first marketing initiative is planned for early 2016 with a KickStarter crowdfunding campaign. The company says that MadHops makes everyday beer dramatically better and it’s fun to add the flavors alone or mix a couple together to see what you come up with.

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Who is Mad Hops

Peter Hanley, Founder and President

Team Peter has 25+ years of sales, marketing and business experience working for corporate America as well as having started and sold a number of his own businesses. In 2013 he planted a one-acre hopyard with intentions of supporting the NYS Craft Beer industry and came up with the idea for MadHops from this effort.

How Has Launch NY Assisted?

Launch NY have assisted by providing guidance and have been working with Peter to help him raise funds for Mad Hops through a crowdfunding campaign as well as create messages designed to reach his target demographic of millennials through social media

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