Heads Up: Hazardous Environments Communication Systems

October 28, 2015

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Heads Up: Hazardous Environments Communication Systems

“Heads Up”Heads Up Display Inc. is a wearable technology company dedicated to creating communication systems for people in hazardous work environments.

“Heads Up”Heads Up’s flagship product is a simple heads up display system. As an accessory to any set of safety glasses the Heads Up “traffic light style” display provides an instantaneous feedback loop connecting the user, the environment and the management team.

Heads Up connects to sensors and smartphones indicating information to the wearer using patterns of light. Heads Up stores and analyzes records of exposure levels, alerts, and the users’ acknowledgement in real time. Heads Up smart phone and web applications provide a visual representation of this information that can qualify companies for reductions in costly workers’ compensation premiums.

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Who is Heads Up?

Brendon Dever, Co-founder

Ohlheiser Brendon attributes the success of his career to lessons learned while playing Little League football in Buffalo’s University District. It was there that the foundation was laid for talents in leadership, work ethic and realizing and executing opportunity. Brendon went on to achieve degrees in management and business while working full time at Delaware North and New Era Cap. There he led teams that sold $135 million in products over 10 years.

Those experiences have enabled Brendon to lead a team of highly specialized engineers in executing the vision of his Co-founder and cousin, Clark Dever. Together they are proud to have created a company that designs, manufactures and distributes its products in Buffalo with a team of partner organizations. Brendon is a consultant and Program Manager in the construction industry. He is currently supervising a crew in the deployment of Heads Up on one of NYS most predominant construction sites.


How Has Launch NY Assisted?

Launch NY has assisted Heads Up Display Inc. with their business model canvas, pitch deck preparation, distribution partner deal points and financing recommendations.

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