Backwoods TechGear: Snowboard/Ski Gear and Apparel

October 21, 2015

“Backwoods TechGear”Backwoods TechGear, LLC designs and creates high-quality, durable, and authentic skiing/snowboarding gear and apparel with additional features and wearable technology options. BTG designs are thoughtful and aim to elevate the wearer’s sporting experience without altering the feel, quality, durability, or look of the gear.

Backwoods TechGear took home 2nd place in the Ithaca College Business Plan Competition and has continued to grow in both product and reputation since. BTG has received an additional $10k in funding and consulted engineering and apparel and ergonomics experts to help design its first prototype, the final version being only days away from market-ready. BTG pitched its first product design at SIA, the largest North American snow sports trade show, and has already recruited sponsored athletes and ambassadors. For more information on Backwoods TechGear, visit: View Previous Entrepreneursdivider.png

Who is Backwoods TechGear?

Cody Ohlheiser, Founder

OhlheiserFueled by his passion for snowboarding, Cody Ohlheiser started Backwoods TechGear while still a student at Ithaca College. As an instructor and avid snowboarder, Cody’s understanding of the sport’s culture, available gear, and his own personal experiences sparked his idea for creating modern gear that brings convenience and connectivity to the mountains.


How Has Launch NY Assisted?

Launch NY assisted Backwoods TechGear by helping to build the first proof-of-concept, making introductions to designers and engineers to fill out the team, providing coaching on sales and business development tactics and techniques and assisting in building a financial model for prototype and production costs.

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