Wisefork – Eating Healthy Transformed

October 14, 2015

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Wisefork – Eating Healthy Transformed

“Wisefork”Wisefork is transforming the way people eat healthy by empowering users with full menu transparency using the technology with which they are comfortable. What previously was a time-consuming and frustrating experience for professionals in the city is now a thing of the past. Wisefork presents the healthy items available at various local restaurants in one location, while also allowing them to be sorted and filtered by ingredients (e.g., for the sake of food allergies like peanuts, difficulties digesting gluten or lactose intolerance) and diet type (e.g., Paleo, Vegan). From there, clients have an easy way to determine the sort of takeout they want and to coordinate its delivery.

Wisefork works with local restaurants to dentify their fresh, nutritious and delicious meal options. Collaborating with chefs, nutritionists and our menu specialists, Wisefork provides users an aggregated view of the meals in their neighborhood that are in line with their health and wellness goals. Clients can order these meals for pickup or delivery on Wisefork’s platform and we route the meals to the appropriate restaurant who then is responsible for preparing and delivering the meal.



Who is Wisefork?

Roderick Clemente, CEO

Roderickhas worked for numerous startups and public companies both in the US and internationally. He has worked as an engineer as well as a pre-sales engineer, including Tervela, MultiWave and Informatica.



Mike Garwood, CTO

MikeMike has held a number of senior development and management roles helping to build successful software product start-ups in the past 20 years including WhiteBarn, 29West, Informatica and CellTrack Technologies.



Steve Glass, COO

SteveSteve has worked for startups, small and large companies alike, holding positions from development of embedded software to pre and post sales of enterprise software over a period of more than 10 years.



Adam Lopez, Director of Sales

AdamAdam has worked in the hospitality sales industry in the New York Metro area for the past 8 years. Adam’s first sale was made at the tender age of 11 years old when he decided to open a bicycle shop out of his garage, he’s been hooked to sales ever since.



Amber Clemente, Head of Marketing

AmberAmber has worked in the hospitality and food industry in both New York and London for the past 7 years. After graduating from Cornell University’s School of Hotel and Administration, her past positions have included Head of Marketing for a number of restaurant chains, and she currently works for a digital marketing agency focused on the hospitality sector.


Launch NY Has Assisted:

Launch NY assisted Wisefork in the areas of business model development, market sizing and definition, pitch deck development, investor introductions, and general business guidance..


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