Science Based Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture (or more moo, less poo)

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Science based solutions for Sustainable Agriculture (or more moo, less poo)

AMTSAgricultural Modeling and Training Systems (AMTS) is a global company offering expertise and tools for ruminant nutrition and management. AMTS licenses the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS).

CNCPS is a sophisticated model developed to predict requirements, feed utilization, animal performance, and nutrient excretion for dairy cattle, beef cattle and other ruminants using accumulated knowledge about feed composition, digestion, and metabolism in supplying nutrients to meet maintenance, growth and lactation requirements. . Model inputs include air temperature, wind speed and how many steps the cows take. The model can balance for individual amino acids and the chain length of carbohydrates. Using this model our clients are able to use optimization algorithms to maximize animal production and farm income while minimizing potential pollutants such as excess nutrients in manure. AMTS software is used in 26 countries and is available in 7 languages.

AMTS also provides technical consulting, workshops and webinars concerning ruminant nutrition and management. Recently AMTS has added products that allow integration of the ration formulation tools with feed mill and manufacturing software. This integration increases animal feed industry efficiency and safety by eliminating redundant data entry and errors. We are continuing to increase the integration of our products to data collection and remote control of feeding at the farm level.


Who is AMTS?

Established in 2005, AMTS LLC, is a privately owned company that was ‘spun-out’ of the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The owners represent 56 years of combined experience at Cornell and additional 30 with AMTS.

Tom Tylutki President and CEO

President and CEO, Tom Tylutki, holds a PhD from Cornell University and has been involved in the development and training of the original Cornell model since 1990.

Vajesh Durbal Vice President for Development

Vice President for Development, Vajesh Durbal, was the programmer for the Cornell group and was responsible for the Development of CNCPS versions 4 and 5, Cornell Cropware versions 1 and 2, and the 2001 Dairy NRC Model. He holds two MS degrees, from Cornell University and Illinois State University.

Caroline Nowak Rasmussen CFO

CFO Caroline Nowak Rasmussen has coordinated multiple economic and animal modeling projects at Cornell University. Caroline holds a BS from Cornell University.

Tom Tylutki

Tom Tylutki

Vajesh Durbal

Vajesh Durbal

Caroline Nowak Rasmussen

Caroline Nowak Rasmussen

AMTS is successful because of our amazing employees and consultants: Lynn Gilbert, Mariann Fessenden, Galit Machpesh, Fred Rasmussen, Ben Swiernik and Doug Benson…

AMTS products increase livestock efficiency. Animal diets formulated using our products maximize milk, meat and fiber production while minimizing cost and nutrient excretion. AMTS products are based on the latest science are highly accurate, have a user friendly interface and excellent company support.

AMTS offices are at 102 E. Cortland St. Groton NY.


Launch NY Has Assisted:

Caroline Rasmussen is participating in the REV “Passenger to Pilot” program to support female entrepreneurs.

Launch NY, through their Ithaca REV coaches and mentors have provided valuable business coaching to AMTS. The participants in the Passenger to Pilot program provide networking opportunities, moral support and inspiration to Caroline Rasmussen.


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