Hotels Saving Time & Money with Robots

July 29, 2015

Maidbot is the world’s very first housekeeping robot for hotels. There are three huge issues in hotels, per Maidbot: 1) housekeeping is the highest variable cost at any hotel; 2) housekeepers have the highest rate of injury in the private sector; and, 3) hotels attempt to become more efficient, but fail to do so.Maidbot is introducing automation into the hospitality industry to dramatically reduce costs and injury rates. Their robots clean the bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallway floors completely autonomously, which their research shows can save hotels up to $9,000 per robot per year. They are currently based out of REV in Ithaca with a team of 9 Cornell students.

Who is Maidbot?

Micah Green Founder & CEO

Micah Green

Micah Green is the founder and CEO of Maidbot – the world’s very first housekeeping robot for hotels. Maidbot is currently based out of REV’s hardware accelerator in Ithaca, NY. In the past, Micah has started multiple businesses including two smartphone apps as well as a video-editing services. Abraham Lincoln is a huge inspiration: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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