POUNCE(R) – Point of Use Network Controlled Energy Management System: Launch NY’s Entrepreneur of the Week

July 1, 2015


POUNCE® Point of Use Network Controlled Energy Management System

Cortland Research Cortland Research has developed POUNCE®. Other building energy control systems require a multitude of disparate parts, miles of expensive and labor intensive wiring, substantial IT effort and complicated software integration to work together. POUNCE® Systems achieve the most efficient form of control, which is occupancy based. POUNCE® controls lighting, plug load, heating, cooling, and ventilation control with three easily installed components. A wireless network of sensors and controllers are deployed by simply replacing existing convenience receptacles and light switches with POUNCE® sensor-embedded commercial grade wiring devices. The system is accessed from your laptop, tablet, smart phone and any other browser compatible device. Data collection and monitoring allows quick identification of inefficient energy use and continuous optimization with a graphical interface. A third party analysis predicts an average energy reduction of 18%.

Cortland Research, LLC recently completed an installation of their patented and patent pending POUNCE® Systems in a pilot project for the New York City Schools. Systems are also installed in various facilities, including SUNY Cortland Student Housing, Onondaga Community College Energy Laboratory, OCM BOCES Administrative Campus and the Syracuse Tech Garden. A POUNCE® System at the Syracuse Center of Excellence is modified to include CO2 sensors for collaborative research on demand ventilation with members of the Building Efficiency Department at Syracuse University. POUNCE® is manufactured entirely in New York State. For more information, visit their product website at www.pouncesystems.com.

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Who is Cortland Research?

Steve McMahon Founder & CEO

Steve McMahonSteve McMahon is the founder and CEO of Cortland Research, LLC, which recently graduated from the Syracuse Tech Garden’s Clean Tech Center. With 3 patents and one patent pending, Steve obtained his Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree in RF circuits and antenna design. He combined his earlier profession as an electrical contractor with his RF experience to create a robust building energy management system, POUNCE®.

John McMahon

John McMahonJohn, has a Bachelor of Computer Science degree, and continues to manage and create the broad array of software, including over 1.5 million lines of code implemented in several languages on the System Control Unit and the intelligent wiring devices.

Launch NY Assisted:

Launch NY has assisted Cortland Research, LLC by aligning the company with an experienced sales professional covering the Charlotte, North Carolina territory and surrounding area. Launch NY also provides ongoing business mentoring, with the goal of getting POUNCE® into the marketplace.


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