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May 27, 2015launchny-header

Portable Wireless Charging

Yank Technologies Yank Technologies is an energy technology company with a focus on advancing wireless charging applications for today’s electronic devices, such as smartphones. Yank Technologies is developing the world’s first portable wireless charging system called the MotherBox that can charge your device wherever you go, however you move. For the first time, you can wirelessly charge your smartphone in your pocket as you walk to an important meeting with the MotherBox in your briefcase, book bag, or pocketbook. Furthermore, you can wirelessly charge your smartphone as you lean back at your desk, relax, and text at the same time. MotherBox not only safely and effectively charges your device wirelessly, but also charges your device when you need it most.

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Who is Yank Tech?

Josh Yank Chief Executive Officer

Josh YankJosh founded Yank Technologies in the hope of establishing a wire free world where the battery state of your device is not a concern but an afterthought. Josh graduated magna cum laude from University at Buffalo in three years with a B.S. in Finance. He then graduated from Binghamton University a year later with an MBA with a Concentration in Business Analytics and Finance, making him one of the youngest graduates ever in the program. Furthermore, although his degrees are not in engineering, he has taught himself a great deal of electrical, software, and computer engineering, and considers himself very experienced in high frequency power electronics and multiple programming languages, such as C++, Objective-C, and VBA. More than anything else, Josh is an inventor with a passion for creating the new and unexpected.

Launch NY Assisted:

Launch NY has provided assistance to Yank Technologies in following areas:

  • Identification of the path forward to commercialization
  • Company formation; articles of incorporation/stock options/employment agreements
  • Connections to resources
  • Customer discovery
  • Coaching for Angel funding conversations
  • Assistance with CTO and intern recruitment
  • Company valuation


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