CytoComm™: Implantable Biosensor: Launch NY’s Entrepreneur of the Week

February 18, 2015


CytoComm™: Implantable Biosensor

Raland Therapeutics Raland Therapeutics Inc. (RTI) is a development stage company focused on biosensor systems for life sciences. Their proprietary technology is showcased in the CytoComm™ Living Biosensor System, an in-vivo, real time monitoring system for biological signaling and cellular responses. CytoComm™ is unique as it employs living cell lines, a powerful tool to assess cellular function in-vivo. The system transmits live data through the cloud to data acquisition and analysis software. Using the RTI system, real time results are available to researchers at their desk or in remote locations.

The technology used in the CytoComm™ Living Biosensor System has multiple applications including oncology, cardiology, metabolic diseases (diabetes) and research. Bill Rader, Founder of RTI, understand the issues with chemotherapy as he himself has MS and has spent many hours infusing right next to courageous cancer patients, as they battle that monster. RTI will help those people by using the implantable biosensor “CytoComm.” RTI offices for are located in Buffalo, NY. Information is available at

In Oct. 2014, RTI was a winner in the world’s largest business plan contest 43North.


Who is Raland Therapeutics?

Bill Rader Founder

Raland TherapeuticsA life-long entrepreneur, Bill sold his first company at age 18. To date he has launched five ventures, including the most recent Raland Therapeutics, Inc., and he has orchestrated multiple M&A’s. Bill started Raland Therapeutics, Inc. after inventing a medical infusion device shortly after diagnosis and initial treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. Working hard to form alliances, he was able to merge a University of Rochester startup into RTI. Since mid 2011, Bill has created alliances with major universities, merged a university sponsored startup into the company, and now holds patents for many promising technologies. These technologies are in stages from early concept through late stage development.

In 1998 he founded Raland Technologies, LLC, a consulting and products company. The company, now Raland Compliance Partners, LLC, has grown organically as well as thru M&A. Raland Compliance Partners consults primarily to Biotechnology, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies in the specialties of Regulatory Consulting, Validation, Training and Translation services. Offices are located in Rochester, NY, Chicago, IL, and Rockville, MD.


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