Innovation in Wastewater Treatment: Launch NY’s Entrepreneur of the Week

February 4, 2015



Innovation in Wastewater Treatment

ClearCove Systems ClearCove Systems, headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., is a renewable energy company that provides disruptive technologies that change the economics of wastewater treatment for municipal and industrial applications. ClearCove revolutionizes and enhances the primary wastewater treatment process, one that has remained virtually unchanged for more than 50 years, to reduce capital costs, lowering energy consumption and enabling higher volumes of energy production. ClearCove Systems’ patent-protected solutions drive system performance to a higher level.


Who is ClearCove?

Terry L. Wright Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Terry WrightTerry invented the revolutionary headworks technology known as Flatline™. He has been a leader and innovator in the wastewater industry for more than three decades. Prior to founding ClearCove, Terry was a wastewater treatment systems design engineer for Trans Terra Corp., providing sub-consultancy to companies such as Siemens, Veolia Water, and Delaware Engineering. Terry has designed more than 14 wastewater treatment plants that utilize various activated-sludge and fixed-film processes (Extended Air, SBR, MBR, RBC, and trickling filters); anaerobic pretreatment; physical/chemical separation; clarification; filtration; chlorine and UV disinfection systems; sludge dewatering via gravity belt thickener; screw press; plate and frame press; belt press and reed beds; and SCADA systems to control entire or portions of the WWTP. These products and processes were designed into new WWTPs, or upgrades of existing plants. Terry holds a bachelor’s of Civil Engineering Technology in Water/Wastewater from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Greg Westbrook Chief Executive Officer

Greg WestbrookGreg brings extensive experience in scaling and commercialization to ClearCove as CEO. He joined ClearCove upon his retirement from Flextronics International LTD, where he served in several key roles including President of VistaPoint Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Flextronics; President of FlexPower, one of the fastest growing divisions of Flextronics; and President of Flex Consumer Digital. Greg was recruited to Flextronics from Eastman Kodak, where he built a 20–year career that culminated in key leadership roles during Kodak’s digital transition. While at Kodak, Greg gained extensive global experience—including working in Tokyo, Japan, for seven years, where he developed an intimate knowledge of business practices and the digital marketplace. Greg started with Kodak in 1985 as a facilities engineer, eventually becoming a corporate vice president in 2005. He is an alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology, and a member of the President’s Roundtable. He is a frequent guest lecturer at the University of California, Santa Barbara, speaking to undergraduates about manufacturing leadership in Asia.


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