Relevant Ads for Consumers: Launch NY’s Entrepreneur of the Week

October 22, 2014

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Relevant Ads for Consumers


tuzag is an advanced advertising technology and methodology company focused on putting consumers back in control of their online data and advertising experiences. What if you only saw online ads for things you were actively shopping for, tailored perfectly to the way you like to learn, shop and buy—without exposing any of your online data to ad networks, advertisers or any other digital on-lookers?

That’s what tuzag offers: relevant, intimate ads for consumers who are in complete control of their data. In the process, tuzag can help brands reach people instead of targeting impressions for unprecedented returns on their online marketing investments. The company truly believes that they can make ads relevant again and even help you love your ads.

Who is tuzag?

Dave Bulger CEO

Dave Bulger

Dave is a proven leader and expert in accelerating changes in customer behaviors through advanced predictive modeling, deep consumer insights and individually tailored messaging. A pioneer in interactive video and one-to-one marketing design/development, Dave has spent over 25 years working toward realizing the tuzag vision.

After creating cutting-edge interactive videodisc training and simulation programs for U.S. Department of Defense contracts and developing expertise in computer-based behavior change acceleration at the University of North Carolina, Dave founded MicroMass Communications, a one-to-one marketing solutions provider, in 1994. He managed all aspects of start-up business operations, including product development, marketing, sales and capital formation.

In 2005, Dave was a co-founder of Pump Relationship Technologies, a CRM technology company dedicated to creating one-to-one marketing relationships between brands and customers from first impression to advocacy.

Prior to tuzag, Dave was a Senior Partner at Eric Mower + Associates, a top independent advertising agency. As Director of EMA Insight, the agency’s integrated research, insights, strategy, planning and analytics group, Dave identified customer attitudes, behaviors and perceptions for a variety of clients, accelerating desired behavior changes by creating conversations that enhance customer loyalty and speed up desired purchase behaviors.

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