Online Imported Agro Marketplace: Launch NY’s Entrepreneur of the Week

October 15, 2014

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Online Imported Agro Marketplace


Reserva is an online marketplace for imported agro products. It focuses on connecting domestic buyers in the US with foreign vendors. They leverage big data to explore market opportunities and to match supply and demand. Reserva is addressing three critical problems in a massive industry: buyer/seller discovery, information asymmetry, and disjointed supply chains. It offers a dedicated shopping experience built around non-commodity agriculture products, offering an integrated platform for sourcing and international logistics services.

Reserva is addressing the discovery problem by enabling market participants to build an online reputation to gain trust. Through a verifiable process of transactions reviews buyers and sellers are allowed to compare important factors such as credit worthiness, timeliness, quality, etc. This provides peace of mind to both parties keeping funds safe in a marketplace Escrow. Non-commodity agriculture products lack a central exchange where market participants can trade efficiently. Information asymmetry is a pervasive issue in this industry; larger players crowd out smaller traders which in turn hurts producers and consumers. Reserva works as a central exchange that drives liquidity and helps market participants make better informed decisions. They are using data to assign price premiums to variable product attributes, resulting in more granular pricing. At the same time it opens new markets to foreign producers by identifying where there is need for their products. Reserva also connects buyers and sellers with logistics providers, negotiating preferential pricing on freight and brokerage. The Reserva vision is to be an indispensable partner in international agro trade.

Who is Reserva?

Jhonatan Sanchez

Jhonatan Sanchez

A native of the Dominican Republic, Jhonatan started his first business at 14. He studied Engineering and worked in manufacturing and logistics. He developed a close proximity to agriculture exports while helping his father, a producer, bring products to market and figure out fair pricing. He went on to pursue an MBA at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), where he delved deeper into supply chain management and finance. After RIT, he worked at The Raymond Corporation helping with corporate finance and project evaluations. He then took a senior finance role at Cooper Crouse Hinds in Syracuse, NY. While at Cooper Jhonatan assumed successive roles in Finance including an outpost in London where he learned how to run a global, complex organization. The convergence of several key trends in technology prompted him to look into agro exports once more. Having discovered a massive opportunity by democratizing information, Jhonatan decided to quit his job and launch Reserva -not without teaching himself how to code first. He launched Reserva in 2013, with a basic ecommerce site and a parsing algorithm with help from a friend. Reserva is now a fully fledged platform; and Jhonatan is raising a seed round to build a global, scalable business.

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