Reimagining the World’s Relationship with Energy: Launch NY’s Entrepreneur of the Week

September 4, 2014

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Reimagining the World’s
Relationship with Energy

Solstice Power

Solstice is developing an innovative solar technology that provides both heat and electricity from a single system 2-3 times the efficiency of conventional solar panels. Systems are designed to provide a low cost, on-site, and customizable power supplement to larger energy consumers where traditional solar technologies have been less applicable. Each system has the ability to be tailored to the specific electricity, heat, and temperature needs of each customer. Solstice systems also feature a sleek solar tracking design, which requires the same footprint as a typical lamppost allowing for mounting in parking lots, side lots, or roof tops in many circumstances.

Who is Solstice Power, LLC?

James Shomar CEO & Co-Founder

James Shomar

Shomar is the CEO of Solstice Power coming from a broad range of engineering and engineering management experience. Before co-founding Solstice, Shomar worked as an Engineering Project Manager for Verizon on a $40MM Fiber Optics project for 4G Internet in Upstate New York. He also was a Test Engineer for both Carrier Transicold and Saab Sensis. Shomar holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Entrepreneurship from Syracuse University. While at University, Shomar founded the Formula SAE Race Program, which raises funds, designs, builds, and races a formula racecar for competition.

Griffin Kearney Co-Founder

Griffin Kearney

Kearney co-founded Solstice as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a strong background in engineering, physics, and applied mathematics. Kearney previously worked for Northrop Grumman’s Missile Defense Agency engineering ballistic missile simulations. He also completed research in the areas of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Acoustic Jet Noise Analysis. Kearney holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering, MS in Mechanical-Aerospace Engineering, and MS in Applied Mathematics from Syracuse University. Kearney is enrolled as a PhD Student in Syracuse’s Electrical Engineering program starting Fall 2014.

Tim Jeter Chief Engineer

Tim Jeter

Tim Jeter serves as Solstice’s Chief Engineer, with a unique skill set of applied engineering across a range of specific disciplines including Mechanical, Aerospace, and Electrical engineering. Jeter constructed and completed research on the Green Fluid Dynamics Lab in the Syracuse Center of Excellence. Jeter’s research included investigations into wakes produced by trapezoidal pitching panels using stereo PIV. He also has a background in Labview data acquisition, construction engineering, and is also a journeyman carpenter. Jeter holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering, and MS in Mechanical-Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University.

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