Entrepreneur Prints Fishing Lures: Launch NY’s Entrepreneur of the Week

August 20, 2014
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Entrepreneur Prints Fishing Lures

Prey Fishing

Prey Fishing Tackle is a lure design and manufacturing startup using 3D printing to push the performance limits in fishing tackle. New lure designs made today are gimmicky and mild modifications of previous lure styles, designed to catch anglers, not fish. Prey’s mission is to reinvent the fishing lure and create products designed to catch fish first and anglers second. Their first product enables anglers to switch between three notoriously successful lure presentations in mid cast, redefining what anglers expect in dynamic and life-like lure presentations. Prey is the first lure manufacturer to provide a biodegradable hard-bait lure, a value proposition that accelerated the growth of several soft-bait tackle companies when it emerged in the early 2000’s. Prey stands alone in its desire to work with angler communities to provide better products and new services. Prey recognizes the advantages of 3D printers over injection molding as a manufacturing tool for producing items at consistent unit costs, making customization economical. This has enable Prey’s early adopters to create functional prototypes and experiment with lure designs in ways they never thought possible. Prey propels this capability forward with help from regional fishing experts to create batches of custom lures with traits designed to maximize performance in local fishing settings. Prey acknowledges the fast-growing audience in 3D printed lure making and plans to work with emerging consumer groups for marketing purposes, product development, and growth opportunities. The company is pushed forward by the overwhelming enthusiasm of its early adopters and product testers as it projects a full launch for the 2015 fishing season.

Who is Prey Fishing Tackle?

Kean Clifford Founder


Kean Clifford is a passionate angler and founder of Prey Fishing Tackle. He is currently completing a MS in Entrepreneurship at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University under an Engagement Fellowship. He has completed two other fully funded master degrees: one at The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs in Public Administration and the other at SUNY-ESF in Fisheries Science. Simultaneously, he has coordinated projects for multiple federal agencies, lead research teams internationally, published scientific papers, and is describing a species of fish from Central New York. Kean has created success throughout his career as a driven and incredibly resourceful leader.

As a long time sport angler, Kean understands that anglers desire functionality, customization, and innovation in fishing lure products. Yet current solutions aimed at delivering these value propositions fall short. As a lure maker himself, Kean was able to clearly identify these problems and dedicated his time to search for solutions. He was quick to realize the product-technology match between fishing lures and 3D printing. He saw an opportunity in using this new technology to transform and individualize the lure products he and other anglers used. Kean combines his knowledge of lure craft, fish behavior and 3D modeling to create high-tech lures designed for 3D printing. His lures are described by competitive anglers and fishing lure retailers as the “next generation of fishing tackle.”

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