Entrepreneur of the Week: Robert Lewis, Kettlebug

August 13, 2014

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Launch NY is proud to be working with some of the most promising start-up businesses in Upstate New York. Each week we will bring you an interesting story about people with whom Launch NY is working, and who are shaping the entrepreneurial landscape in Upstate New York.

Robert Lewis

Founder, Kettlebug

Kettlebug-Robert-Lewis.jpgRobert Lewis is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and the inventor and founder of Kettlebug, llc. After graduating from Wharton, he worked as a financial analyst and development project manager with the Dermot Company in New York City, where he coordinated multifamily and hotel projects and managed contractors and consultants. After leaving Dermot he came to Ithaca, discovered kettlebells, and lost forty-five pounds of “Dermot Weight.” One day, when attempting to work through the “300 swings per day challenge,” he ran into a problem: while swinging a heavy kettlebell, he lacked the ability to count to 300. In fact, amidst the necessary huffing and puffing, he lacked the ability to count much past ten. Convinced that surely there must be a better way, he set out to create the kettlebug, which has since grown in capability far beyond counting swings.

Kettlebug, LLC


KettlebugThe kettlebug is the fitness tracker you don’t have to wear. It sits right on your kettlebell, and counts repetitions, checks form, calendars workouts, and helps you build strong muscles and healthy habits. The kettlebug syncs and communicates with your smartphone, allowing you to track work, calories, pace and performance, and to get positive feedback from the trainers and friends who help you achieve your fitness goals. The kettlebug is a true product of New York, conceived, designed, tested, and assembled right here in New York State. The device itself consists of a bug-shaped circuitboard, populated with sensors and protected with a special coating. The device attaches to the kettlebell with strong magnets, which securely hold the it to the bell during vigorous exercise. For more information, and to hear about the launch, or to sign up as a beta tester, check out the website .



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