Entrepreneur of the Week: Edward H. Schreyer

October 16, 2013
Entrepreneur of the Week
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Ed Schreyer

Edward H. Schreyer

Founder & CEO, Qmetrics Technologies

Edward Schreyer has extensive product, marketing and management experience in both early-stage companies and large corporations, including PeopleSoft, Silicon Graphics, 3Com and One Touch Systems. As Vice President of Operations at VirtualScopics, Edward managed early-stage core lab development and growth from less than $100K to initial profitability and multi-million dollar revenues. Under his guidance, Qmetrics has grown to include a staff with 60 years of collective experience transforming ideas and technology into commercial products. Edward is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has contributed to scientific and managerial publications. He is currently sought by regional institutions and organizations to speak on medical imaging and its potential clinical applications, 3D printing technologies, and entrepreneurship.

About the Company: Qmetrics Technologies

Providing Tomorrow’s Imaging Technology for Today’s Medicine


Qmetrics Technologies has developed an advanced, proprietary technology which creates 3D anatomical models from traditional medical images, such as MRI and CT scans to provide academic researchers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and physicians better data to help develop therapies and determine the best course of patient treatment.

Qmetrics is currently developing an application that provides a reliable imaging format to aid radiologists and orthopedic surgeons in making clinical decisions. This application has the potential to be deployed in multiple medical practices assisting with better disease understanding and patient communication.

Co-founded by CEO Edward Schreyer and Chief Medical Officer, Saara Totterman, MD, PhD, former CMO at VirtualScopics and former Director of the MR Center at URMC, Qmetrics has established a global business, headquartered in Rochester, NY, and serving academic and commercial customers in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

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