Entrepreneurs of the Week: Victor Konshin, Creation Station CNC

July 16, 2014 Launchny EOTW Header
Launch NY is proud to be working with some of the most promising start-up businesses in Upstate New York. Each week we will bring you an interesting story about people with whom Launch NY is working, and who are shaping the entrepreneurial landscape in Upstate New York.

Victor Konshin

Founder, Creation Station CNC

CreationStation-VictorKonshin.jpgVictor Konshin is passionate about technology and is a life-long Maker, Inventor and Serial Entrepreneur. After spending hundreds of hours developing a CNC machine for his own personal use, Victor decided that the machine he created had some fundamental flaws and he could do better. He started over and created a machine that he was happy with and decided that he would share the design through a Kickstarter Campaign and launch a new business while he was at it. With 18 days to go his campaign is up to $73,000 of his $80,000 goal. Victor said, “My hope is to reach at least $200,000 in funding before the end of the campaign. That should be enough initial capital to get the venture off the ground. I have lots of product plans to carry me into the future.”

Creation Station CNC

by Innovation Squared LLC


Creation Station CNCInnovation Squared LLC introduces the Creation Station, a high quality, low cost CNC machine that intends to provide consumers with the luxury of fabrication within the comfort of their own homes. The Creation Station is a high performance, low cost CNC router designed for the maker, hobbyist, artist or educator. CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control. A CNC machine is a computer controlled router that can cut shapes out of whatever material is placed in it. The Creation Station is a low cost CNC router kit designed to be high performance and high quality as well as simple to use. Victor Konshin of the company calls the project “a CNC machine for the rest of us“, he notes that the process has been used in large-scale manufacturing for many years. “We designed the Creation Station with the mission of making CNC affordable for hobbyists, educators, makers, artists and anyone who simply wants to create something from their imagination.



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