Entrepreneurs of the Week: Sean Charles, Justin Kramer & Nathan Sarr – Kavyar

July 2, 2014

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Launch NY is proud to be working with some of the most promising start-up businesses in Upstate New York. Each week we will bring you an interesting story about people with whom Launch NY is working, and who are shaping the entrepreneurial landscape in Upstate New York.

Sean Charles, Justin Kramer & Nathan Sarr

Co-Founders, Kavyar

Kavyar-sean-charles.jpgSean Charles has over 14 years of experience in the creative industry. He has worked as a graphic artist, creative director, digital project manager, software architect, and fashion designer. He sits on the advisory board of Moda Week International, which produces fashion shows all over the world. He studied New Media Design and Imaging at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Kavyar-justin-kramer.jpgJustin Kramer studied software engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and has been building web applications for well over a decade, working with clients of all sizes. His wide and varied experience as a consultant allows him to stay razor sharp in the fast-changing world of technology. In addition, Justin is an avid painter and artist.

Kavyar-nate-sarr.jpgNate Sarr has been a software engineer and architect in both corporate and academic environments. He’s worked on a wide range of projects, including large-scale payroll and open source software. He has a B.S. in Software Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he later became a professor, teaching software engineering courses.

About the Company: Kavyar


Give GabKavyar is an online portfolio network and marketplace that connects the best in creative talent — photographers, models, illustrators, and more — with forward-thinking agencies, media, and businesses. The portfolio network gives creative professionals the ability to find collaborators, build their body of work, get exposure, and bolster their marketability. The marketplace allows buyers to tap into this creative network and find fresh talent that matches their particular needs. By tracking every possible aspect of a creative’s career, and distilling it into a concise profile, Kavyar gives buyers a way to feel safe that their chosen creative will deliver. Ultimately, creatives can spend more time doing what they love and get paid doing it. Buyers will produce better work faster, and at a lower cost.



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