Entrepreneurs of the Week: Laurence Clarkberg – Boxy Bikes

June 11, 2014

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Laurence Clarkberg

Laurence Clarkberg

Founder, Boxy Bikes

Laurence Clarkberg is an entrepreneur with soul. Since graduating from Reed College in 1989 with a degree in physics and from the Institute of Design in 2007 with a Masters Degree in communication design, Laurence has directed his multiple talents at improving his community. He has founded and co-founded many successful organizations in Ithaca NY, including Family Math (a math appreciation club and summer camp); Friends Bike Clinic (a free weekly bike repair gathering); and Ithaca Generator (a community workshop also known as a makerspace). He is also founder of Knowledge Town, a web design company with mainly Cornell and local clients. His latest venture began in 2010 when he discovered a device that allowed him to do what for many people is still inconceivable: live life without a car. That device is the electric cargo bike, a large bike with passenger-carrying capacity outfitted with an electric motor. In 2012 he founded Boxy Bikes LLC to bring this transformative technology to his fellow hill-challenged Ithacans and beyond.

About the Company: Boxy Bikes LLC


Golden GearBoxy Bikes rents and sells electric bikes in Ithaca NY. Their custom bike building service allows their customers to choose the frame style, motor, and battery that best fits their needs. Many of their bikes are cargo bikes, allowing customers to enjoy car-like utility for a fraction of the price of a car. Boxy Bikes is closely affiliated with the Ithaca Generator makerspace. This gives them access to a workshop with high-tech tools such as 3D printers, CNCs, and a laser cutter. With the help of Ithaca Generator the operation will eventually include manufacturing ebike accessories and bicycle frames. Boxy Bikes recently opened a retail space in Press Bay Alley, a hip happening pedestrian mall near Ithaca’s Commons. Their electric bikes created a stir at the recent Ithaca Festival, with about 1% of Ithaca’s population trying out an electric bike.



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