Entrepreneurs of the Week: Brett Swartz – Advanced Quantum Imaging

May 29, 2014

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CORRECTION – Our earlier posting should have used the correct spelling of Brett Swartz.

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Brett Schwartz

Brett Swartz

Co-Founder, Advanced Quantum Imaging

Brett Swartz is the co-founder and CTO of Advanced Quantum Imaging (AQI), an early-stage, high-tech startup focused on medical device applications of nano-particle technology. Dr. Swartz graduated from Lafayette College in Easton, PA with a B.S degree in Geology. After spending 5 years working for an international environmental engineering and consulting firm as a geologist and project manager, he returned to Lafayette and completed a B.S in Chemistry. While there, he discovered the love for research which led him to University of Rochester where he received his M.S and Ph.D. in organometallic chemistry. During his studies, he was given the opportunity to present at the 1st Global COE Symposium on Bio-Environmental Chemistry in Osaka, Japan.

Soon after, Dr. Swartz joined the lab of Professor Todd Krauss at the University of Rochester as a post-doctoral research fellow with the goal of developing their nano-particle technology to a point where it could be commercialized. He had a crash-course on entrepreneurship at the NSF I-Corps program where he learned the importance of customer discovery. Dr. Swartz is currently the only full-time employee at AQI and is involved with prototype development, fundraising, and business development.

About the Company:
Advanced Quantum Imaging (AQI)

Advanced Quantum Imaging

At AQI, our goal is to produce safe, efficient and cost-effective medical tubing, such as naso-enteric feeding tubes. There are millions of feeding tubes placed annually in the U.S but the problem is that they are placed blindly, which can result in serious complications and death. Hospitals require X-rays to confirm placement but not only are there still a significant amount of serious complications and deaths, but there are additional costs, radiation exposure to patients, and a decrease in the quality of patient care.

Our VUE-Tubes will allow for safe, efficient, real-time visualization of feeding tube placement, leading to the elimination of confirmatory X-rays. This will lower costs to the hospitals (~$2.5 billion/yr), eliminate radiation exposure and improve the overall quality of patient care and satisfaction. In summary, AQI’s VUE-tubes will, “Light the Way!”



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