Entrepreneur of the Week: Rahul Shah

February 12, 2014

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Rahul Shah

Founder, Speare

Rahul ShahPrior to working on Speare, Rahul was developing technology that helps people discover music. This culminated in a granted patent for a process that analyzes musical characteristics to be able to understand a listener’s musical interests and recommend new music. Simultaneously, he worked on developing a secure-content application called PianoPass (http://bit.ly/1hKbobo) – an app that was released on the Apple iOS store and was fortunate enough to get almost a million downloads and be recognized as a Top 10 App in 50 countries. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science with an external specialization in Philosophy in the College of Engineering at Cornell University.



Speare’s mission is to bring a new level of intelligence and personalization to news and media websites by reinventing content recommendation. Speare has developed novel artificial intelligence technology that first understands you as a reader with more depth than ever before. Most importantly, it is the first engine to be able to articulate to the reader why it chose the recommendation. This makes the process more transparent, efficient, and satisfying. Ultimately, the goal is to make the process a lot more human. If you were to recommend an article to a friend, you’d normally say “hey, since I know you care about entrepreneurship, you’ll like this article.” That’s exactly what Speare does. They are currently planning on integrating their technology in their first set of sites over the next few weeks and continuing to grow as a team through Cornell’s eLab Accelerator program.



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