Entrepreneur of the Week: Mark Wagner

January 15, 2014

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Launch NY is proud to be working with some of the most promising start-up businesses in Upstate New York. Each week we will bring you an interesting story about people with whom Launch NY is working, and who are shaping the entrepreneurial landscape in Upstate New York.

Mark Wagner

Founder – Sensorcon, Inc.

sensordrone-team2.jpgMark Wagner, Founder (center) and Partners Ben Madoff (left) and Mark Rudolph (right)

Mark has 13 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing and sensor industries, including working at IBM, a VC funded startup, and from founding Sensorcon. He is a lifelong student, with degrees in engineering and business, and is a part-time PhD candidate in the Materials Science program at SUNY Buffalo.

Mark is a history buff, particularly on the industrial and electronics revolutions, having studied the semiconductor and computer industry’s history in detail. He believes history is once again repeating itself with mobile & distributed computing starting to replace stand alone computers and devices with small integrated sensor and computing systems that are networked with us and with each other. These systems require tight integration of software and hardware in order to function well, which is making pure software much less valuable than complete hardware & software solutions.

With these trends in mind, Mark is also a strong proponent for US manufacturing, as most IP & technical know-how is inevitably transferred to those manufacturing the product. He has worked on and invested in intelligent design for manufacturing and manufacturing processes that overcome the low wage advantage of other countries.

Sensorcon, Inc.


SensorconSensorcon is a vertically integrated sensor manufacturer, primarily focused on environmental sensing applications, the company designs and manufactures sensors, sensor systems, software and end products for portable environmental sensing applications. Sensorcon’s Inspector product line addresses the portable carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide gas monitoring needs of HVAC technicians, home inspectors, first responders, automotive, aviation, oil & gas industries.

Sensorcon’s Sensordrone, the company’s flagship product, is an award winning wearable computing device, similar to a Tricorder from the show Star Trek. Sensordrone is unique in that it can replace multiple stand alone products by performing numerous environmental sensing measurements at low cost while wirelessly connected to smartphones. Sensordrone customers currently include technical professionals, universities, engineers and early adopters/hobbyists, who are all collaborating with each other with open source software to create applications that will appeal to the general consumer market in a few years, as well as address many agricultural, industrial, and environmental applications.



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