Entrepreneur of the Week: Kimberly Flomerfelt

January 8, 2014



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Kimberly Flomerfelt

Founder – Advanced Fetal Monitoring, LLC (AFM)

Kimberly FlomerfeltKimberly Flomerfelt graduated from The Chester County Hospital School of Nursing; West Chester, PA in 1989. She is a diploma-prepared registered nurse. Early in her career Ms. Flomerfelt found that Obstetrics was the field in medicine of which she was most passionate. She focused on obtaining Medical/Surgical experience before entering Obstetrics to create a strong nursing assessment foundation and a sound understanding of the entire scope of her nursing practice. Ms. Flomerfelt has held positions in Medical Surgical, Labor and Delivery, Maternity, Nursery, Home Care, Sub-Acute, Long Term Care, Agency, Supervisor, and Administrative nursing. She has performed in her current role as staff nurse in Labor & Delivery at St. Joseph Hospital and Health Center in Syracuse, NY for more than five years. In her current role Ms. Flomerfelt identified the need to upgrade current electronic fetal monitoring systems. She works an average of 36 hours a week at St. Joseph Hospital, and approximately 20 hours a week with AFM, research and development, networking and tapping into central New York resources for entrepreneurs.

Advanced Fetal Monitoring, LLC

Advanced Fetal Monitoring LLC was created in March 2012 to develop a patent pending medical device, involving external fetal monitoring, (EFM). The device was co-invented by Kimberly Flomerfelt, and provides surveillance of fetal well-being during pregnancy, labor and delivery, as well as reliable uterine integrity monitoring during Vaginal Birth after Cesarean, (VBAC).

The impetus to develop a new electronic fetal monitor came from years of dealing with problems of current monitoring systems. These problems include inconsistent tracing of data due to the movement of the monitor, mother or fetus, patient discomfort and loss of autonomy due to wearing tight belts around the abdomen, and hygienic concerns, due to reusable equipment coming in contact with blood and body fluids. Today, virtually every woman is continuously monitored during pregnancy and labor, including over 8 million cases annually in the U.S. alone. The interpretation of EFM now holds tremendous significance in modern obstetrics, being endorsed by American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Through her experience it became clear to Ms. Flomerfelt that the EFM equipment used today was not good enough, and there had to be a better way of monitoring. With all the technological advances in the past 50 years in medicine, there had to be a better way to perform EFM, and perhaps eliminate the instances when the heartbeat cannot be identified just because the baby isn’t in an ideal position. In short, more information is demanded from EFM, but old equipment is still being used. The new device involves creating a new method for external EFM. In an effort to provide more consistent data, improve patient comfort, and offer a more hygienic approach to EFM Flomerfelt conceived the design of a single-use, self-adhering patch to record fetal heartbeat and uterine activity.


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